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About UGive

uGive is open to the world for the world. Completely Free, Transparent, Open and Fair.

We wanted to create an ethical platform that rewarded users and businesses equally and, crucially, shared the financial returns with charities to benefit the world. The result is uGive. It's all about you. Help us raise money for good causes, we can't do it without you and we promise you won't be disappointed you joined us.

About UGive
Connecting retailers and businesses with consumers



Firstly, there are no costs whatsoever for participation. Nothing now, or ever. uGive provides an open, ethical, democratic, controllable, free and rewarding solution. You give us some basic information, tell us what you are interested in and we will pay a charity of your choice each and every time we contact you with something we think will be of interest. You control what you tell us, how often we contact you and can see how much money you have made for your charity. Together we can make a difference to the world, the economy, the vulnerable and to you. Help us give money to charity, paid for by businesses who want to communicate with you.


uGive is a unique opportunity for Charities, Consumers and Businesses to all equally benefit from marketing and promotional campaigns. Positive choice and association are the foundation of the project. The principle is a simple one; People, at home or work, choose to provide their contact information and detail their interests. This information is used directly by uGive to facilitate the promotion of company's services, products and offers. In return, for each interaction, uGive makes a payment to the participants Charity of choice. Activity and Charity payments are visible and tracked through users account areas. Participants can choose what information they provide, how often their receive content and which charities benefit. Consumers can opt-out at any time and all activity and usage of information is completely transparent.

UGive and You

uGive is only possible with your help. Sign up to the site and receive emails and letters from us, telling you about exciting and interesting offers, products and services. In return, we make a payment each time to charity every time you hear from us. Simple. Be in control, only receive content you want to see, learn about new things, get some fantastic offers and earn money for charity at the same time. Businesses want to tell you about themselves, their offers, products and services. They particularly like to communicate with people who are interested in what they do and especially so using direct media like email, letters and online. They pay to be able to promote themselves, but find it difficult to identify new people that may be interested in what they do and have to offer. This is often because most of us don't want to be endlessly contacted and try and protect our contact information wherever possible. This creates a problem. Everyone likes to find out about new things, special offers, products and services that we are like or need, and, naturally, businesses want to tell us about them. Often the only way to do this is either through general advertising campaigns on tv, radio and newspapers for those that can afford it, otherwise they are left trying to find other ways of contacting you, all wasting time and resources and creating frustration on both sides. uGive provides the solution to this by being open, fair and rewarding to the user, the business and the world.

UGive and charities

uGive is committed to raising over one million UK pounds in charitable donations in the coming years. Become a uGive listed Charity and receive a new type of revenue stream that will yield a similar return per participant to a conventional monthly donation, but without it costing the charity or donor anything. We both welcome and advocate Charities promoting uGive to their current donors and membership. This will both help spread the word and also enable those currently engaged with a particular charity to give more without any direct costs. We welcome listing any local, national and international Charities of all sizes working across any area of Health, Welfare, Animal, Humanitarian and Environmental. Contact us to discuss the benefits of getting involved with uGive and becoming a listed Charity.

UGive and business

Through uGive, companies and other organisations have the opportunity to promote themselves, their services, products and offers via email, mail and online to a unique source of opted in and targeted potential customers. All having chosen to participate in receiving correspondence relating to a range of personal and professional interests. uGive offers both increased engagement and return on investment over conventional direct marketing, as well as your organisation contributing towards multiple charities with each campaign. uGive provides a unique opportunity to conduct legislation compliant marketing and for companies to gain a positive affiliation with a brand and service that benefits all involved. One that is fundamentally focused on philanthropic and open exchanges of time, information and giving. Contact us to discover how your organisation can benefit from a uGive campaign and how we can help you reach new customers.

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