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The idea is a simple one. Sign up to the website and tell us what interests you. Don't worry, its very simple and will take less than a minute. We will then send you messages containing offers and services that are relevant and of interest, both personally and professionally. We pay a charity of your choice 20p each and every time you hear from us. No catches and always under your complete control.

Connecting retailers and businesses with consumers


uGive provides a unique exchange of information. Through us, businesses get to promote what they do to people that they know are interested. You get to hear about new offers, products and services whilst helping Charities, the Economy and the World.

UGive and consumers

UGive and

We need you. Sign up to the site and receive emails and letters from us, telling you about exciting and interesting offers, products and services. In return, we make a payment charity every time. Simple.

UGive and charities

UGive and

Become a uGive listed Charity and receive a new type of revenue stream that will yield a similar return per supporter to a conventional monthly donation, but without it costing the donor or the charity anything.

UGive for business

UGive and

Access a unique source of prospective clients and a positive affiliation with a brand and service that benefits all involved and one that is fundamentally focused on philanthropic and open exchanges of time, information and giving.

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Changing lives: Our 1 million pound project

We want to give £1,000,000 to charity. The core founding principle of uGive is to generate as much money for good causes as possible.
Help us by generating £100 a year (without it costing you a penny) by doing nothing other than receiving information about things you are interested in. Keep track of your contributions via your online account.

Choices and pledges

You control everything about uGive. What you tell us, when you start and stop and who gets the money you have generated. We will never pass on your information to anyone and you can opt-out anytime you like. Open, Fair and Transparent, nothing more or less.

What you get in return

We will pay your chosen charity 20p for every email or letter you receive from us and £2 for every survey you complete. You can see how much money has been donated in your account area anytime you wish.



Thank you to the saddleworth news for covering our recently added charity -
September 9, 2015
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